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What is Glassies?

A collection of 1111 non-fungiglass tokens stored in an ERC-721 contract in the Solana network that aim to reduce the carbonic footprint of glass. Each trait has been drawn by hand with much love.

 One Glassies contributes to landfill cleaning in remote areas affected by systematic environmental injustice.


Glassies are going to be released to the wild on May 7th 2022. 

Stay tuned to adopt yours for only  0.25 Sol !

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Why  get a Glassies?

Why Glassies? Well, for one the art is super cute and cool! Why stop at just cool art though? With your help we can donate to a landfill cleaning non governmental organization on any part of the world regularly! This way we can help reduce glass carbonic footprint and help communities impacted by environmental pollution.

Please keep in mind that roadmap items are subject to change, being remove, or reworked if required. For a more detailed roadmap please join us in discord. 


NGO Donations

Glass DAO

Airdop Collections

Launch on
Magic Eden


Who   Team?

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. My name's Gylfie, and this is our little glassy team. Come say GM in Discord, we'll say it back!



DAO Manager/Tokenomics Advisor

DAO Manager/Operations Advisor

Always Vibing 

Mad Scientist 

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Former Members



Oatmeal lover & scientist.
Wannabe Web 3 Developer.

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If you want to collaborate
with Glassies let us know!

We have recycling events, games and much more!

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Partnership & Collaborations

Discord now open

Together we can make a change!

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